Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Lyrics (Not used yet)

My style is so authentic when i first spit it the weight of the world shifted the foundation itself lifted you cant have what i have cuz what i have is god gifted

Evolution is a lie iv been here since the start of time god said let there be light and i started to rhyme

I put together lyrical sentences on sight no nemisis on the mic no enemies better then me i hemorrage each and every emcee so they can never rap again im in a category that they cant be in im an MC a true Mic Champion

My lyrics when i write em i ignite em  like a stick of dynamite when i light em

My rhymes smash the bass to pieces with lyrical masterpieces as My mind releases super natural levels of telekinesis

I used to believe in destiny till destiny told me i was born to fail again and again told me that i would never win so i took destiny to the best rapper in the world and said ima grow up to be just like him so i picked up the pen and started writing again

I got dreams shit gon change none of this ill ever be the same i write my emotions down on this page bust the lock and let em outta there cage so i rage like a renegade the second there layed when my pen penetrates the page

They told me that i suck at rap and ever since birth i was meant to be fucked by this earth  so ima fuck it back and dig a hole big enough to fit my dick stick it in quick shuv it in slow and then faster fuck the earth with no birth control and raise the planet to be a bastard

Im not on drugs but i still feel like im trippin my mind is on thin ice i can feel it slippin just give it a matter of time cuz i cant find my brain ive lost my mind is this really how it has to be helpless from the demons inside attacking me holding me under water longer to drown me in my own insanity there trying to stop me from being who i plan to be and ill be damned to see them succeed in trapping me trying to pull me back and hold me on the ground its like the weight of gravity holding me down i cant escape it its everywhere i go if i wanna make it i gotta break through the mold so it can never be made again so we can raise a generation of intelligent men i spark the idea and a light goes off in my head everynow and then but only when i pick up the pen and put it to the paper to cause a chain reaction time and time again i release endorphines to get your body relaxin and give your brain satisfaction i remain insane and i will never change and thats a fact son just like all these mc's be acting wack son thats why when they come to battle they fall back and i stand up the last one

I knock so many teeth outta you bitches that the tooth fairy went outta business

I spit a sentence with sense and intelligence cuz thats wat im about  im a lyricist without a doubt  i clench my fist open my mouth i cant keep doing this these words wanna get out i cant hold em back anymore they broke through the walls and smashed through the doors came to the top with excessive force and exploded outta my throat like never before cuz i put the fire inside it youd have to disect my flow in order to find it

So why dont you take a trip inside my mind to see the sins that i commit i gurentee you'll find a bit and i admit that they are all legit im unfit to fail you forget id give a fuck before i quit you stupid bitch thought that was it well i got so much more for you do you ho's even know what i have in store for you

give a fuck you mean the fuck i dont give i could give a fuck if i had a fuck to give aight thats enough of the gives ive given up on this shit even if my middle fingers weighed 1000 pounds id still lift em up and flip on the script

If you had the impression of aggression compression ur digestion tell me is there a use in obsession or stressin over this pain thats restin and nestin in my chest N emotions exploding i guess its time to express em

They dont kno about my world take over plans these rap artists are losing focus quick put em in my concentration camps i got the world in the palm of my hands i could crush it into a grain of sand im grizzley i rip you to shreds with my bare hands get em away before i maul em 911 you betta call em to haul em off this aint about the jews its a wack MC holocaust i conquered the game like hitler nobody sicker but unlike him ima win ill never die a quitter even though im trapped in a cell world war on rap its eternal hell gather your forces together pistol grip hollow tips equipped for any weather stand up soldiers time to be stronger then ever united we stand tall through wat ever we never fall they die we kill call in the stretchers they'll need em more then we will

my eyes are an ocean in which my soul is reflected my lyrics are like dreams on a page with rhymes perfected so i keep em close like a wish and hope connected

ur a soldier its a battle everyday never give way you better fight till ur last day never give up till ur last breath i dont give a fuck if thats all u got left never rest hold that shit  inside ur chest never give up never have enough never ever say ur never good enough

fuck writers block ima fighter in a writers maze my pens the lighter that sets the page a blaze i write my lyrics so well that they jump off the page and spit themself

 im in this by myself its just me and no one else so if you come close ill split my cells and clone myself  you better be prepared for an emcee squared im energy that can never be stopped you better never pretend to be wat ur not


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  3. My name is Keniyah and i got the power. my only wish is that you would take a shower not trynna be hard thats just how i go i spit my raps out and i go with the flow

  4. all lies these lyrics are already in songs

  5. im a 14 year boy tryin to be a rapper any lyrics

  6. bad lighty that bitch i remember
    sex on game so i took her out in December
    am stacking money now so bitch see u later
    got all that money so i fly to Jamaica
    made my first fifty and thought that was paper

  7. Lemonade lemondae get off my remdedy
    I fight u like im in the mma
    Dotn be my enemy
    Try to kill me like im in a mental state
    Try to kill me thorough a fucken train
    Purple rain im on a game
    I go insane in a mental raise
    Im hell raiser so watch out for all my
    Bloddy hell is what ur gonna drain
    I own all the thangs controle everything
    Now im acting like a king
    Lebron james nunber 23
    Bust a 3 on the ring,dunk infinty
    Better watch out i can get you in may ways
    Im the nightmare on elm street i can catch you in your dreams
    Beez easy , now ill kill this beat

  8. I got bad habits, ak's are my automatics, look at this picture cause im always the winner, even when i aint there to win, wait nevermind im always there to win the big prize that non of ya bitches never won

  9. They I need someone to write me a song and if so send it to me on messenger @ kaleb mares

  10. Can I use this lyrics I'll put all credit towards you I promise my email is let me know if I can please

  11. You see life it was dangerous my mother didnt always try to take care of us i was only two it was my first crime i was in the back while we did a drive by POW POW as the syrens came by oh yes i cried
    A few years later im in arizona my moms sitting back drinking corona taking a hit out of a light bulb then the magic unfolds
    I wish the lord would just try to kill me to much pain i wish he would heal me you feel me?
    I was always pissed, pissed of at the world and what was dealt it was hell move to Cali to start a new life on the first week i gave up on the strife
    The idea of mine was bad but i had to understand that life doesnt run by a plan
    I gave up and turned over took shit from nobody cause they didnt want to know me
    Now im living in south sac murders and deaths on every trac
    lived in an apartment that got lit up im just fed up!
    Im going insane trying to remember my name this aint no game its straight pain
    I relate to hugging my mama through a jail cell watch her walk away but the pain kills
    Tupac yeah he keeps it real but i relate to the kids like me who try to fight me...

    Thats all i got so far but I hope you enjoy, none of this is copied I wrote this myself and its describing the first 10 years of my life

  12. you about to lose to a girl still in middle school, sure my raps may be trash but at least i'm trying to i'm not here to offend anybody, or tell them their not funny I just wanna have some fun before the morning sun when I said my raps were trash, I wasn't kidding i'm as soft as a kitten, but i'm not here to be you're mitten, I want to make friends but not lose to some copy and paste trash with a body full of 1000 pounds of hash, so go ahead come at me but just be ready because so your rap career will be ending.

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  14. The government putting extra chemicals

    Into our vegetables

    It's like extra terrestrials

    Into our intestinals

    They do it because it's credible

    But It's unethical

    So we pay bills that are medical

    I'm sceptical

    It's unacceptable

    Thinking were expendable

    It's not sensible

    The damages cause

    aren't mendable

    And they claim that they're professionals

    .. just a start, let me know what you think. Thanks.